Fire and Rescue

Hanover Ambulance Board Members

Bill Frazier, Janice Steele, Marcia Hanson, Jeanne Schleuning, Gina Kennedy, Lois Baker, Sheila Magnus.

(meet 3rd. Wed. of each month @ 7 pm)

Non-emergency phone number: 815-591-2361

Hanover Fire Protection District Board

Michael Dascher, Ted Farrey, Max Purchis, Gary Mullane, Mike Weede
Fire Chief: Edwin Johnson, Jr.
Assistant Fire Chief: George Pettera

Non-emergency phone number: 815.591.3514

Governor’s Home Town Award

In 2002 the governor of Illinois has honored our community for the new ambulance and building by giving us the Governor’s Home Town Award. This award is for all who were involved in the effort. Everyone from the thousand-dollar-plus donors to those who had only time or items to donate. Everyone in our community who had any part of this effort is truly a hero!

The EMTs in Hanover have not only been very involved in this effort, but have made numerous changes in the way that they care for patients as well. They have raised the level of service in Hanover to an enhanced basic protocol. This means that they can now, with the new training that they have, administer medication for things such as asthma, allergic reactions, chest pain, and server diabetic reactions. Additionally, there were a few members of the team who went back to school and obtained higher level certification. When these people are on board the ambulance the Illinois Department of Public Health allows the service to act as an Intermediate level service, giving the community an even higher level of emergency medical care.

What everyone knows is that our EMTs are the best around and do the job right. What everyone does not know is that there are only a handful of EMTs on our roster and at times there are not enough EMS volunteers to cover our community. What this means is that unless we get new volunteers our ambulance service may be in jeopardy. Without a constant flow of new and fresh volunteers, the service may not always be here. If you or anyone you know would like to become and EMT or even volunteer as a driver, please let one of our fine EMTs know. The Hanover Ambulance needs you if it is to continue to provide great emergency medical care.

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